Ens trobaràs a Esparreguera, al costadet  de Montserrat,

I també a Amer, llindar entre La Selva i la Garrotxa #laselvagarrotxina   617.79.76.68

Afegeix-te al Facebook i rebràs puntualment tota la informació dels moviments que anem dansant.

També ens trobaràs a Instagram @turonetawilddancer  i

2 pensaments sobre “Contacte”

  1. Hi Laia, It was great sharing tart berries with you among the living and moving in the flow of the wild dance. what you shared in dance has stayed with me, and I wanted to Thank You and say HI. Me thinks you may be home from your Alaskan adventure, but truly you must know Where your heart is. There was a dance camp here these past few days and today was an improv movement session like you shared, which was oh so good. It’s something I’d like to get going here more often, they did it regularly years ago at our studio and I may be able to get the ball rolling again. I’ve been feeling the elements strongly as I’ve recently met a woman that has stirred me, and the dance is a great way to channel the creative energy. I wanted to say HI and Thank You for sharing, we had some lovely times together of which I’ll cherish, and what I’ve learned I’ll keep dancing with the flow. Perhaps you’ll make it back this way or we’ll meet at some random place in the ether, I’m better for having known you. Josef Q

  2. Josef! So glad and thankful to hear from you* We had a great time in Haines with dance, jams and biking… Elements, creativity, soul, wild land… My heart is in Alaska too and I hope see you again* Enjoy your new energy,dance and dance your life. It was a pleasure share my personal dance with all you, we are in contact* contact improvitation in the ether, with the air 🙂
    Hugs & Love,

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